Application: Electronics

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Connections on a PCB protected with Liquiline

Liquiline protection inspection with UV-light

The IR TECH’s film program is extended by LIQUILINE. IRT offers this liquid film and the suitable application technique.

LIQUILINE is liquid film for spraying, dispensing or brushing! LIQUILINE is versatile. With LIQUILINE, a previously existing gap in foil application can be closed. Where due to tight radii, small space or difficult contours, the application of conventional films (eg. insulation films) is very costly or impossible to achieve, now LIQUILINE can be used solving the existing application problems.

LIQUILINE is colorless (optional colored) and in daylight virtually invisible to the human eye. With UV light LIQUILINE can always be made visible. Specifically designed for applications in the electronic and SMD technology LIQUILINE is helpful. Isolate e.g. contacts, of individual IC´s or protect “at risk” areas on your SMD modules with LIQUILINE. Application by spraying (or dispensing) is also inline feasible.

LIQUILINE provides protection against moisture at electronic components, protection against leakage current, short circuit protection due to foreign particles. Protect and seal components or terminals safely and permanently with our product – LIQUILINE.


  • Electrical Isolation
  • Protection (durable)
  • High Temperature resistance
  • Permanently elastic
  • Quick drying (at room temperature)
  • Visible inspection by UV-light

LIQUILINE offers isolation and durable protection. LIQUILINE can be applied in electronics, even in the smallest areas. IRT offers complete components or solutions for application.