Electric / Electronic industry

We (incl. our system partners) provide labeling systems for printed circuits, cables, connectors, and the tiniest electronic components. Laser labeling systems can be efficiently used here, depending on the product quantity and cycle time.

However, tag labeling applications make sense for small to medium-sized product batches. We offer cost-effective complete solutions with extremely heat-resistant specialty tag materials, like those you need to label circuit boards with lead-free reflow soldering, along with materials and machines planned for this particular environment.

Individual solutions are also needed and are advantageous for labeling device casings.

You can choose between practical, extremely durable direct labeling, e.g., with a labeling laser on plastic casing parts, or you may want more visually appealing, multi-colored labeling with heavy duty tag labeling material. Whatever your priorities, IR Tech Sp. z o.o. will develop and deliver perfect, complete solutions.

Our wide selection of function stamping parts made of various (film) materials or material blends with special physical properties, such as those needed in the fields of electrical engineering and electronics.

Solution examples:

  • Electrically conducive or insulating
  • Mechanical cushioning and/or mechanical protection
  • Gas permeable and water impermeable
  • Resistance to high temperatures
  • Pressure or temperature indication
  • Electric/magnetic shielding
  • Heat conducting / discharging
  • Bonding and/or filling