Industrial Vending

Industrial VendingIndustrial Vending – that’s our new specialization, but already interesting area of our business and the key to further development of the company. That’s focused on the PPE Vending which stands for Personal Protection Equipment vending.

The new business has evolved from the basic concept of “food products vending” into a wide industrial variety of systems that assist companies in controlling tooling, gages, safety & MRO supplies as well as other “indirect materials”.

Thinking lean has helped IR TECH Vending be quick to develop the widest breadth of point-of-use dispensing technology designed specifically for general industry.

ROI – key areas

  • Consumption of tools and supplies – reduced
  • Increased use of reconditioned items
  • Reductions in obsolete inventory
  • Reductions in carrying cost
  • Stock outs are reduced or eliminated
  • Purchasing cost reductions
  • Reductions in crib trip time

Why the priority is high?

  • Providing PPE is a legal requirement by employers
  • Failing to provide PPE as an employer can result in litigation should an employee receive an injury in work as a result of not having access to PPE
  • PPE is an expensive cost to the business, and often difficult to monitor and manage
  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided free to employee’s
  • Reduces the risk of occupational hazards

Benefits PLUS financial control

  • Secure 24/7 stock availability with complete audit trail
  • Eliminates un-authorised retrievals and tracks usage
  • Increases stock accuracy – identifies slow moving or obsolete stock
  • Reduces stock level administration and purchasing costs
  • Speed of issue reduces production down time
  • Elimination of satellite stock – such as personal lockers and tool boxes
  • Point of use convenience – low cost multi-site/ multi device options
  • Ability to restrict users daily consumption
  • Suspected theft can be identified quickly

Benefits – regulatory control

  • Employers are able to demonstrate they are meeting health & safety obligations
  • Liability is shifted to the employee – their responsibility to get PPE from machine
  • Guaranteed availability of PPE through inventory control and automated machine replenishment

We DO offer also personalized PPE (logos, names, etc.).