IR TECH Sp. z o.o.  is an experienced development partner, perfect solutions source and primary contact for customers from engineering industries: automotive, electronics, drive engineering, measurement and control engineering, fluidic engineering, aviation, heavy industry and among many others mechanical engineering sectors based on our knowledge, experience, long-term cooperation with key market players  and our strong partners.

Our solutions are customer-tailored only, there is no room for adopting the things not necessarily fitting 100% to your, our customers’, needs.

Our wide range of expertise assists you in controlling the whole spectrum of logistics operations more efficiently, optimizing processes and reducing costs, however assisting isn’t the only way we act on the market. We do offer our optimizing processes ideas pro-actively staying close to our customers operations.

Flexibility and willingness of the customers understanding – both features together describe IR TECH almost perfect.

Our specialization is focused on the following areas:

  • Parts labeling
  • Tag labeling
  • Adhesive parts
  • Technical films
  • TTR Ribbons
  • TSS Varnish (security varnish)
  • Liquiline (“liquid film”)
  • Industrial Vending (PPE, Tools, others)
Feel free to browse through and get a first impression of our products and services, or contact us directly. We will be happy to develop a fully customized solution or optimize your existing materials and systems.

We stay at your disposal 🙂