TopSecure Paint Protection (TSS)

In the fight against brand pirates and counterfeit goods individual marking solutions are becoming more and more important. Whether we are talking about spare car parts, electronics or valuable consumer goods, product counterfeiting and gray market are serious economic problems in almost all markets.

The topsecure paint protection (TSS paint) from IR TECH Sp. z o.o. offers you effective protection.

This innovative solution provides maximum protection against counterfeiting as well as reliable product identification. It takes just a little amount, which can be applied on even the smallest surfaces. The hidden security tag and counterfeit-proof information are placed directly on the product.

The topsecure paint protection is an efficient solution against product counterfeiting/manipulation that is spreading worldwide.

Structure, chemical composition and processing:

The TSS paint contains micro-particles with an individual, one-time and unique security code. Depending on customer’s needs and intended purpose, the micro-particles can have other special physical properties.

The basic colors of the TSS paint:

  • white
  • yellow
  • red
  • blue
  • green
  • gray
  • colorless
  • others (other colors available upon request)

The topsecure paint protection can be applied in three ways:

  • painting (with a brush)
  • spraying
  • dispensing (manually or using a device equipped with a dispenser pump)

Depending on the application and amount needed, the TSS paint is available in different volumes:

20 ml, 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 l, 5 l (other volumes available upon request)

We can also work together to prepare a reliable customized solution that best suits your needs.

Whether your needs concern the chemical composition of topsecure paint protection, its selection or the industrial processing – involving manual or fully automated marking of parts by weight – we are the right partner for you.

Product details, data sheets and pricing information are available upon request.

Efficient and unique protection of your components’ authenticity

We offer you a perfect solution within the following scope:

  • proof of authenticity
  • protection of goods/brands
  • protection against opening
  • manipulation detector.

The imitations of your parts/components are not only a threat to your image and customer trust, but also a great financial risk to your company, among others.

Security and indemnity costs related to the threat of injury and loss of life caused by counterfeit goods and imitations are substantial.

Counterfeit spare parts or their imitations can put your company at risk of great financial losses.

That is why, in order to achieve long-term effects, you should protect your products with the topsecure technology.

  • It is individual and unique, like a fingerprint
  • It offers great resistance, robustness and durability
  • It is easy to apply, cost-effective and requires minimum space
  • The topsecure paint protection with integrated individual coding allows you to protect your products and components against counterfeiting and/or manipulation
  • In the case of one-piece mechanical products, the TSS paint can be applied anywhere on the component to provide an optimum protection of your products’ authenticity
  • In the case of multi-piece mechanical products, especially enclosures, apply the TSS paint on the joints (welds) connecting enclosure parts, so that your product is definitely and explicitly protected against opening
  • In the case of products screwed together, the TSS paint is a perfect solution for protecting screws and, at the same time, the authenticity of the product, which is also protected against manipulation

Application examples:

  • Identification and protection against plagiarism concerning spare car parts, precision mechanical parts/components as well as electrotechnical and electronic parts

One example is the explicit protection of spare car parts or assembly parts. After applying the TSS paint, the authenticity of such parts can be verified and they can also be protected against plagiarism. The TSS paint is durable, robust and highly resistant to steam washers.

By using the topsecure paint protection, you can protect your electrotechnical components against plagiarism easily and efficiently. In applications where there is a potential threat to human life explicit identification of your product is invaluable.

The same goes for protecting valuable mechanical components. Assembly and spare parts need protection against cheap imitations. By adding the TSS paint to your components, you can provide your customers with constant quality.

  • Protection against manipulation and opening in the case of components used in measuring/control solutions

The know-how involved in your product should be protected! Is it important for the enclosures which contain your solutions to remain closed in order to, for example, prevent modifications or changing default settings?

If so, the topsecure technology provides a universal (and durable) protection against manipulation (unauthorized access and/or related contamination).

By using the TSS paint to protect enclosure screws, “seal” enclosure parts or protect adjustment screws, you will always be able to detect and prove cases of abuse explicitly.

  • Identification and protection of solar modules against theft

With the topsecure protection technology, you can ensure a long-term identification of product life, for example, in the case of solar modules. Once applied on the modules, our paint provides an explicit proof of authenticity. As a result, warranty claims can be properly substantiated or rejected for decades. In addition, marking helps prevent theft. Application of the TSS paint in the right place can ensure explicit identification and facilitate investigation if the solar modules are stolen.