Automotive industry

Process optimization in automotive industry.

Key factors in automotive industry are: safety, reliability, permanent character of the solutions, their technological and economical features. All those factors may be found in our solutions.

Whether it is permanent markings, innovative functional films or solutions for occupant protection systems – IR Tech is an experienced partner of the automotive industry.

The functional films by IR Tech replace conventional assembly components. Various technical functions can be pretty easily combined in a film, similar to the concept of a modular kit. This simple way, numerous process steps are being reduced to one complex step. That’s how industrial processes becomes more effective reducing the costs with no functional degradation.

Solution examples:

  • Protective films for sensitive surfaces: car interiors
  • Heavy duty label solutions with laminates: car exteriors
  • Parts labeling in the motor and drive areas
  • Function stamping parts used in the car body or passive safety, etc.